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Nov 7 / yavor

Radio Appearance Link

Hi, Here is a recording of the Nov 5/15 radio appearance in case you couldn’t listen to it. Just click on the blue play button.  A few technical issues on the first song, but everything was fixed after that.



Oct 23 / yavor

New live video!

This is a video from the Oct 17 gig at The Original Burger Joint in the Glebe.
It’s a cover of Pink Floyd’s Run Like Hell.Check it out in the Thumbnail Videos
at the right hand side of the Home Page. Or you can go directly to YouTube here;






Apr 19 / yavor

Breaking The Barrier – Lyrics

Breaking through the barrier
Getting past the pain
Can make you see
Like a child again read more…

Apr 19 / yavor

Better Way – Lyrics

Nothing seemed real
In this world of ours
God, there’s gotta be a better way read more…

Apr 19 / yavor

Highway Cruise – Lyrics

Thinking about hot summer days and the memories along the way while cruising Highway 7.

The sun, golden sun
Shines down on me today
As I’m coastin’ on, this old highway
read more…

Apr 19 / yavor

Goodbye – Lyrics

I’ve walked the Isles
Walked those miles
Drove all day through wind and cold
Hoping to get to you read more…

Apr 19 / yavor

Exit 401 – Lyrics

Who said relationships can’t have happy endings?

Now she’s gone
Couldn’t leave fast enough
In the end, I broke away
As a smile ran across my face read more…

Apr 19 / yavor

Out Of Bounds – Lyrics

I feel it, I feel it
Feel it all the time
Shadows creeping closer
Coming from behind
read more…