Teenage Years

Being a very introverted teenager, music was my outlet for expressing myself. I was infatuated¬†with the guitar. I’d spend countless hours jamming along with the records of the day.  Rolling Stones [Get Your Ya’s Ya’s out], Allman Brothers Band [Live at Fillmore East], BB King [Live at The Regal], John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers [with Eric Clapton] were a few of the records that I would jam along with. Also playing various Country/Blues artists music on guitar via Stefan Grossman’s books and cassette tapes.

I remember the last year of High School, I was in a coop program where I would go to school in the morning and work in a trade in the afternoon. I ended up working for electricians, mostly carrying around stuff. I was about two months or so into this and was getting bored with the work. I lined up another job and it was a go. But at the last minute, the job didn’t go through. The thing was that I didn’t tell anyone. So every school day, I would come home for lunch and play guitar for the afternoon. This went on for a couple of months until my mother came home early one day and asked me what was going on. I was really dedicated to that guitar. School, not so much! Anyways, I got my job back and received my High School Diploma.